With the increasing growth and emergence of new technologies in parallel with the impressive development of communications, also complexity of business in the international arena, the tremendous economic, political and security developments in today's world, continuation of competition in the traditional and classic style has lost its place. Therefore, in order to take a step on the road to progress and sustainable development in this field, it is necessary to form a competitive advantage, to surpass the competitors. Having a competitive advantage based on knowledge and experience and updating the strategy in accordance with the pace of change and the demand of the target market can create a new and operational approach.

In this direction, the use of knowledge management paradigm and the creation of innovative teams, while preserving past achievements and aligning with the speed of developments and existing challenges will lead to the creation of an agile organization, in line with global standards to become a leader in the commercial industry.

Sharif International Commerce Group considers the profitability of its customers and business partners and the continuation of long-term cooperation to be of the highest importance, because gaining their satisfaction means strengthening our position. Commitment, responsibility and discipline in all parts of our group is an inviolable principle. The result of this approach during more than two decades of extensive economic activity in the face of all difficult obstacles has been that we have been able to always move towards development. In the business strategy model of our collection, which is based on excellent quality, cheap purchase (in imports) and the highest sales rate (in exports), minimum cost and finally maximum profit for customers, all members have a significant and complementary role, and for this reason, the selection of our colleagues have been made with deep evaluation and among experienced and committed experts.

We hope to be able to satisfy you, dear customers, who are true partners and constant companions of Sharif International Commerce Group's success.