The connection between minerals and well-being of the people is so old that researchers have divided human cultural ages based on minerals (these ages are respectively: Stone Age up to 4000 years BC, Bronze Age from 4000 to 1500 years BC, the Iron Age from 1500 BC to 1780 AD, the Steel Age from 1780 AD to 1745 AD and the Atomic Age from 1945 AD). in many significant stages in human history including Marco Polo's trip to China, discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus, the influx of gold seekers to the lands of California, South Africa, Australia, Alaska, Canada) obtaining minerals has been known as the primary goal and incentive. Mining as one of the oldest human activities has a long history. Fire tools (flint) along with the bodies of Paleolithic humans show that humans started mining around 450,000 years ago. The first mining works were in the form of trenches and open pits. Later, humans used underground methods to extract minerals. In the beginning, mankind used metals in a natural way. With the beginning of the bronze and iron age, mankind discovered smelting and learned how to transform minerals into metals. The technique of crushing stones has a very long history and various methods have been used for this purpose at different times. Discovering the method of setting fire, the miners would heat the rocks by igniting a lot of fire, and after the rocks were heated enough, they would suddenly pour water on them. The sudden cooling of the stones caused numerous cracks in the stones, and in the next step, with the help of a chisel, they separated the crushed pieces of the stone.

The importance of mineral resources, whether in peacetime or wartime, is not hidden from anyone. In fact, it can be said that in terms of success, there are industries that either have important mineral resources or have easily exploited the mineral resources of other sources. Among the mineral resources, fuels are in the first place, followed by copper, lead and zinc. Materials such as phosphates, potash, nitrate and sulfur are also very important for the chemical industry. Although gold and silver are valuable, they do not have a theoretical role in terms of the main industries. We at Sharif International Trading Group, having excellent relations with mine owners, and we have been active in this industry for a long time.