Providing food for the growing population of the world is one of the most important issues that have occupied the minds of scientists from different sectors, especially industry, agriculture and health. On the other hand, ensuring the health of food is a necessary condition for ensuring the health of society and one of the important indicators of development. Occurrence of many cases of food-borne diseases in the world shows the need to pay attention to the use of healthy food. on the other hand, the available statistics indicate that every year thousands of tons of food are unusable and destroyed due to their unsanitary nature. This issue causes economic losses to countries. Since a wide range of contamination occurs during the various stages of preparation, storage and preparation of food by supply centers, the health of food is directly affected by individual, physical and functional factors in the aforementioned places.

The general definition of the word “quality” in the food industry is a set of traits and characteristics of a food item that is effective on its acceptance by buyers and consumers and distinguishes it from other food items. The methods that have key effects on food supply and determine product safety are of particular importance. In many of these cases, the methods play their role by affecting the micro-organisms that cause spoilage. Considering the effect these methods have on micro-organisms, they can be used to prevent food contamination. Among the methods of preventing food contamination, we can mention the use of proper packaging, cleaning and disinfection of tools and work equipment, methods to control microbial growth and destroy microorganisms in food. We at Sharif International Trading Group are considered pioneers in this field and we provide these services, using the best systems.