Road and bridge construction

Nowadays, due to the abundance of vehicles, not only the safety factors and the speed and comfort of crossing the roads are considered, but other factors such as the impact of the road on the industries and agriculture of the region, trade and the increase in the price of residential land should be taken into account.


The first human effort in the development of roads and in the field of transportation was the making of wheels. After the wheel, they made carriage and cart. For this means of transportation, the roads were paved. At the same time as the automobile industry expanded, the paved road did not meet the needs of that day. Engineers poured asphalt on the roads, which was the proper surface with the tire of the car, and until today, no other replacement has been found. Road construction is the operation of preparing a road on the ground with a certain width so that drivers or vehicles can pass it from one point to another. At Sharif International Trading Group, we have been able to be a pioneer in providing this service as best as possible by having valuable experiences, proper machines and capable personnel.


Building construction

Every big building was once just a simple plan, it doesn't matter what stage you are at today, what matters is your future and what you will reach. in recent centuries while the population growth in the world has increased significantly, and we have developed from technical point of view. New technologies have solved many problems in the construction of housing, like other issues. They have brought major developments but the construction of single-unit houses no longer met the needs of the communities, and for this reason, the house-building system was completely transformed, while using resistant materials such as steel and cement was also multiplied. as a result, expansion of cities changed from horizontal to vertical and apartments in multi-story buildings became common.

It is very important to use prefabricated materials for the construction of buildings in a short period of time. All buildings, including industrial buildings, parking lots, commercial buildings, residential complexes, hotels, schools, recreation centers, bridges and other types of structures can be constructed with the use of prefab construction.

We at Sharif International Trading Group are considered pioneers in this field and we provide these services, using the best engineers and suppliers.